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DongJun Technology Co., Ltd., located in Shanghai, China, is an innovative company who independently develops and commercializes full-wave electromagnetic simulation software “EastWave” while providing related consulting services.


DongJun company features a team of multidisciplinary researchers and engineers in relevant fields, led by the founder of the company, Prof. Jiang Xunya. Since as early as late 1990s, Prof. Jiang has been working on application of FDTD simulation in various research topics.


After years of academic and applied research, DongJun has developed specific advantage in rigorous simulation of electrically large/very large systems and modeling of diverse kinds of materials.


Combining our scientific insight with engineering understanding, we’ve become trusted partner of many clients among government institutes, universities and private companies. Committed to our values of integrity and professionalism, we aim to grow into a leading company on electromagnetic simulation technology to bridge science and industry.