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EastWave® is a full-wave electromagnetic simulation software package for accurate 3D simulation of electromagnetic wave interaction problems, which can run on Windows and Linux operating systems.


EastWave is based on FDTD (finite-difference time-domain) method while also includes a PO (physical optics) module which may work either alone or jointly with FDTD method for extremely large systems.


For some common types of electrically large/very large engineering problems, EaveWave has developed special numerical techniques based on full-wave FDTD method (integrated with corresponding Predefined Workflows) to greatly accelerate the calculation with minimum compromise on accuracy. The great saving of computational resources allows automatic optimization of many problems which may previously be considered computationally prohibitive.

Now EastWave has been widely applied in analysis of microwave/RF systems (antenna array, radome, RCS, FSS, EMC/EMI, anechoic chamber, RF signal coverage, etc.) and photonic systems (laser, LED, metamaterial, photonic crystal, optoelectronic devices, etc.).